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Let me start off by saying you, yes you, reading this are a unique and incredible human being.  Don’t even question it, stop the negative self talk now.  Be open and read this blog with an open mind.

Life is hard. Yup it sure is.  I get that, we all get that.  You feel pressures.  From school, your extra curriculars, your parents, your friends.  Do you sometimes wish everyone and everything would just give you a break ?  Deep down, do you want to talk to someone….someone who won’t judge you, who won’t tell you what to do?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe consider connecting with a Life Coach.

What in the world is a life coach?  You may ask yourself.  Let me tell you…..

Sometimes the people and connections we have in our life, as much as they mean to you, just don’t get you.  We all love our parents but wow they’re such bad listeners at times.  They are so quick to give advice.  I get it, sometimes you don’t want that advice.  You just want to talk and know that someone is listening to you.  Let’s take parents / family out of the picture and turn to our friends.  Again, as much as your BFF loves you, its all too common that sometimes we worry our friends will judge us or blurt out secret confessions. So, whats the answer? .......A Life Coach.

A Life Coach is an independent and objective person who’s role is to simply listen, support and provide coaching where needed.  Your Coach will have your back, never judge you and always be in the moment with you to simply listen and work WITH you to guide you through any hurdles, obstacles, decisions or whatever you have going on.   Think of a life coach like a personal school counselor who has a knack for listening, goal-setting, co-creating action plans, positively motivating, and being the best accountability buddy!

A Life Coach for Teens & Tweens: News
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