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Color psychologists refer to the color blue as peaceful, tranquil and even orderly.  Blue is often used in uniforms (think law enforcement officers), because it represents calm and confidence another of these are associated with trust and dependability.  So there you go……blue isn’t all that bad! 

The new year affects us all differently.  For some of us it comes with excitement - perceiving the new year as a fresh start and a clean slate, while some roll their eyes and continue on dragging their way through each day.  Take a moment to think about how you perceive the new year. How do you want your next year to be?

There are many things we can do to help us embrace a new year and kick start on a positive note.  Here are a few thoughts and ideas:

*. DIY spa night.  Research shows that taking time to yourself to slow your mind and body, reaps huge benefits for both your physical and mental health.  This should be a guilt free time to unplug and pamper yourself.  The great thing is that an at home spa night doesn’t need to cost you a fortune!  Grab a face mask from your local grocery store, some soothing bubble bath/bomb and steep into the tub or even your shower!  Feel the calming benefits of warm water and healing essential oils.  You can even put your device on do not disturb and play some soothing spa music while letting your thoughts drift.

*. Connect with family & friends.  Take the time to pick up the phone and call someone you care about.  Voice to voice connection helps strengthen your bonds and will make you feel happier than a text!  If you’re feeling brave, maybe clear the air with those who you haven’t connected with in a while and start a fresh.

*. Release a negative mindset.  The new year is a perfect time to let go of negative emotions.  Identify the negative thoughts and reverse them into optimistic thoughts.  This may seem easier said than done but challenging yourself to think differently and try to see the good in everything may just be all you need to do.  If you think negatively and you are consumed with anxiety and worry, it can take over your life - affecting you physically as well as mentally.   Just try and make the decision to find a positive spin on everything that happens. 

*. Gratitude.  We often have to internally take the time to stop and remind ourselves all that we are grateful for.  In doing so, it allows the mind move to a positive state of emotion.  Cherish the moment that you’re in and identify the good.  A great exercise to try is journaling.  

*. Resolutions.  Are you someone who sets out a list of new year resolutions?  Even if you’re not, noting down your bucket list of things you’d like to do for the forthcoming year can be a beneficial exercise.  Setting goals doesn’t have to feel like an ominous task, even small goals will help bring you clarity.

If you’re curious about how you can make some changes in the new year, please don’t hesitate any longer and reach out today for a complimentary call to see how life coaching may benefit you.

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